Learn about a blue light-blocking filter

Blue light blocking filter

Blue light has always been a part of our lives; it’s part of the natural light spectrum and keeps us alert, upbeat, and awake during the day. On its own, blue light is not necessarily a bad thing, but modern-day living has brought some changes: screens and technology. We constantly use devices smartphones, computers, and/or tablets that emit a large amount of blue light both during the day and at night. Constantly staring at a screen and the blue light it emits tends to tire out and irritate our eyes. This is called digital eye strain. People often find, at the end of the day, that their eyes feel dry and look red, and that they have a slight headache with a hard time getting to sleep.

Here’s where a blue light blocking filter comes in handy. This filter absorbs some of the blue light from screens, which will alleviate some of the strain on your eyes. When purchasing glasses with us, we offer you the option of adding a blue light-blocking filter to your eyeglass lenses . Our blue light-blocking filters for eyeglasses absorb up to 20% of all blue light. And not just eyeglasses come with this innovative filter! You'll also find contact lenses nowadays that contain a filter that blocks harmful blue light. (Blue light-blocking products are most effective when used indoors.)

What are the benefits of a blue light-blocking filter?

Blue light-blocking glasses have better optical properties while you’re staring at a screen for a long time:

  • Your vision will stay sharp.
  • The filter will eliminate glare and light reflections.
  • Each of our eyeglasses lenses also come with a standard set of advanced treatments without you having to pay extra: a UV filter, a glass hardening, an anti-reflective coating, a self-cleaning coating and a hydrophobic coating.

Less intense blue light will have a positive effect on your body:

  • Wearing blue light-blocking glasses while exposed to prolonged screen-time will help your eyes relax, allowing them to feel more energised and less irritated.
  • Blue light-blocking glasses can help improve your sleep cycle because excessive blue light stops your body from producing melatonin, which normally helps you sleep.
  • Less blue light can help your eyes maintain focus better after long hours in front of a screen.

Who should get themselves blue light-blocking glasses or lenses?

In this day and age, everyone would benefit from wearing blue light-blocking glasses or lenses, especially those who spend long hours on their computers or phones. So, if you're an office worker, student, gamer, or an inhabitant of an industrialised society in the 21st century, you'll probably use these types of devices a significant amount and could definitely benefit from blue light-blocking vision aids.

What else should you do?

If blue light poses a real problem for you, and you often have headaches or red and irritated eyes, we also recommend the following:

  • Take regular breaks from your screen and look away every so often*.
  • Don’t sit too close to your screen.
  • Use a special matte filter for your screen that eliminates glare.
  • Try to reduce your screen-time, especially before bed.
  • Make sure there’s enough light in the room in which you’re working.
  • Get yourself some quality eye drops.

* Try to apply the 20-6(20)-20 rule: every 20 minutes, look away from your screen at something that's about 6 meters (20 feet) away. Do this for 20 seconds.