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Adidas A403 00 6054 Evil Eye Halfrim S

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Thursday 22.8.

141 mm
15 mm
43 mm 70 mm
118 mm
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About Adidas

Do you have what it takes to wear a pair of Adidas? These glasses were created by and for athletes. It goes without saying that this design keeps its promises with stylish, sleek, and flawless lines glasses season after season.

About these glasses

These are the ideal sunglasses for sports or any other kind of outdoor activity. Their shape is rectangular, which perfectly suits rounder faces. The frame colour is white, which particularly suits red hair. The lens colour is brown, which is the most common lens colour for sunglasses and is very effective under all light conditions. The lenses are covered in a mirrored coating, which helps your vision by tempering bright light circumstances. The material is mainly made of lightweight and durable plastic.
Manufacturer: Adidas
Glasses genre: Woman, Man
Glasses shape : Rectangular
Glasses frame colour: White
Glasses lens colour: Brown
Glasses lens effect: Mirror
Temple colour: White
Glasses lens effect : Plastic
Glasses contain: Brand-original glasses case
Filter: Glasses lens material: Filter: Polycarbonate
Glasses usable: Sport Universal

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